Why Us

Sportswear Alliance was created in response to what I felt was a growing need to return to a more personal approach to sportswear sale and service. We deal with people, not numbers. To deal with people the way I would want to be treated, price products as though I am the one buying  them, cut no corners on quality!   By making it a policy to know as much about each client’s business and the unique challenges faced by them, Sportswear Alliance, as a promotional partner can offer valuable insight when discussing what products would best suit not only the immediate needs but future needs as well. 

Being successful in our industry requires us to act more as an advisor and sounding board for a client than a vendor of products.  Successful promotions are built on meeting needs that result in achieving the goals set out by our clients.  Increasing our clients’ visibility in the marketplace,  attracting new clients, whatever the mandate, we assist our clients in standing out in their particular industry.   We help our existing clients do that on an ongoing basis.  We can assist you in all of your promotional endeavours.  We welcome the opportunity to do just that!

I recognize that each of my customers has a unique set of needs concerning sportswear and work with each one of them on an individual basis to satisfy those needs.  We have the ability to provide both a wide range of stock programs as well as complete custom availability.  Custom from both a colour change situation to a complete design and build situation.

No order is too small, we are willing to deal with everyone and order with the same urgency. 

20 years in the business, from manufacturing our own garments to sourcing them. Able to supply anything from a stock program to and off shore manufacturer

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